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Guild Wars 2 Professions - Start with the best class!


Guild Wars 2 offers players a wide variety of choices when it comes to classes available in the game. Those are also called professions and are there to determine the skills and statistics of your character.  If you have been struggling to find the one that suits your playstyle - we have been there as well. Luckily we have found out which professions are better than others and you don't have to repeat our mistakes. Hop onto the guide below and see for yourself which classes are worth checking out!


What are Guild Wars 2 professions

Unlike what the name suggests professions in Guild Wars 2 don't represent jobs like Leatherworker, Blacksmith or Jewelcrafter. In this game professions are basically classes that can be picked for your character. There are currently nine of them available in the game and each of those nine has two corresponding Elite Specializations. They all can be played without expansions besides Revenant which requires obtaining at least one of the available DLC's.


Specializations and Elite Specializations

Specializations in Guild Wars 2 are responsible for changing profession's playstyles and mechanics. They allow players to customize builds to their liking. Specializations are represented by traits and depending on the characters level up to three can be chosen. Each of them provides three Minor Traits and between three and nine Major Traits. Switching between traits is simple and can be done when the character is out of combat. You can also buy GW 2 Gold that will make you character stronger.

Unlike regular Specializations - Elite Specializations offer much more drastic changes to profession's gameplay. They can be considered to be a subclasses which modify skills, give access to new weapons and alter or furthermore expand base profession mechanics. There are two Elite Specializations available for each of the professions in the game and every single one requires specific expansion. To gain an Elite Specialization player must:

  • Own the respective expansion
  • Be above level 80
  • Train all of the Core Specializations to the maximum

Professions sorted by the difficulty

When it comes to the Guild Wars 2 Classes some of them will be easier than the others. Not all of the players like to face a challenge every time they click on a skill. There is a large group of people who would rather get simple abilities than complicated mechanics that require a lot of attention. If you want to find out which classes are more complicated than others then we've got you covered.

Warrior, Guardian, Ranger and the Necromancer - These four professions are easy in terms of mechanics. Every player can simply get into their playstyles and you shouldn't have problems with picking them up.

Revenant and Engineer - are the two classes that we can recommend to players who are already familiar with game mechanics. They can be played by everybody however those professions take a little bit of getting used to and beginners will be less likely to enjoy them than with the previous four classes.

Elementalist, Thief, and the Mesmer - are the last three professions available and they were made for players who are well acquainted with Guild Wars 2. Playing them might be overwhelming for the newbies and to maximize their potential you will need a piece of deep knowledge about the game.


Profession breakdown

Now that we know which classes are meant to be played by skilled players and which were made for the newcomers let's describe what all of them have in their pockets. Let's take a look at skills, gameplay and everything else that they have to offer. Keep in mind that while we describe all of the Elite Specializations all of them require specific expansions and cannot be played without them.




  • Tough brawler that always stands in the front line
  • Simple to play but still very useful for team
  • Can burst into a rage to deal massive Area of Effect damage


Needless to say, Warriors are the bread and butter of every RPG game. They are the most common class in which occurs in online games and usually, it is also the most basic one. Warriors are brawlers who specialize in heavy weaponry and all kinds of white weapons to deal damage to their foes. While doing so they generate a special resource that's called Adrenaline. Warriors can spend their Adrenaline to release a special burst attack which will become more powerful as you fill the resource bar. This ability will be different for every weapon that you are using. Besides being fighters that deal with monsters by themselves Warriors are also useful for their team. They can buff the party and provide various bonuses through the banners that bless areas around them. Two Elite Specializations can be chosen after hitting level 80 with Warrior.


Berserker relies on his Rage resource to deal high amounts of damage. He has many Area of Effect skills which allow him to perform exceedingly well in fights against multiple opponents. Berserkers are often considered buffers since their banners are capable of boosting the abilities of nearby team members. This doesn't mean that they lack damage - on the contrary, they deal exceedingly well in terms of DPS.


Spellbreakers are known for their Counter attacks which they use to both defend themselves and redirect the damage back to the attackers. They play very offensively on PvP and are used as main damage dealers in Raids. They can very well alternate between offensive and defensive playstyles making them a viable choice for almost every situation.




  • Lots of protective and defensive skills
  • Very useful for the team mainly as a tank
  • Can jump onto groups of enemies


If you are familiar with Paladin class that can be seen in other online multiplayer games then you are also acquainted with Guardian. Those two resemble each other closely so you can expect many similarities. Guardians can be offensive, defensive and supportive at the same time making them one of the classes with the widest range of possibilities. They can increase their power through Virtues which gives them passive benefits and supportive skills that add great value to their team play.

Dragon Hunter

As a Dragon Hunter, you gain access to the Long Bow and a skill set that relies on this weapon. DH subclass uses Traps to deal damage and cripple opponents but similarly to the Guardians they can also teleport around the battlefield with quick gap-closers. Surprisingly this profession can top up DPS charts on the raids and even perform exceedingly well in PVP in the hands of a skilled player.


Despite the name that might suggest that this is a DPS subclass Firebrand is a profession dedicated to supporting. They were made to sustain lots of damage and to improve the sustainability of other players so they could withstand what's coming towards them.



  • Grenades, explosives, and various inventions are tools of the trade for Engineer
  • Can be quite tanky but supportive at the same time
  • Quite unusual gameplay


Engineers are specialists of mechanical mayhem. They offer a mashup of supportive skills and the ability to DPS from a range. At their disposal Engineers have various traps, grenades, medical kits and turrets which can be used to take down opponents that come close to them. Instead of regular weapons Engineers rely on a combination of Shield and Pistol. During gameplay, they are often considered to be supports however their ability to deal raged damage should not be underestimated.


Scrappers use mechanical gyros that fly around the battlefield creating wells that have various AoE effects. They can also wield large hammers that they use to pummel their opponents. This Elite Specialization can serve various purposes however it is mostly a supportive one.


This Elite Specialization gives Engineers access to Photon Forge and Heat mechanic. When the Forge is active they generate Heat which increases their prowess on the battlefield after they reach 50%. When that happens they can use Exceed skills for additional effects however reaching 100% Heat damages Holosmiths through the Overheat mechanic. It is a class that has to balance between being aggressive to generate Heat and defensive when they have to cool down.



  • Great for both damage dealing and supporting
  • Much more durable than any other spell using professions
  • Can steal buffs and drain life force from enemies


Practitioners of the Dark Arts with the ability to summon the Dead and drain the life from the living. Necromancers are spellcasters that specialize in bringing fallen foes back to life to aid them in the battle. Summoned units are controlled by the AI however their behavior can be slightly altered by the master that raised them from the ground. Unlike most of the spellcasters, Necromancers have very high survivability and a second health bar called Death Shroud.


Uses two-handed Greatswords as their main weapon. Reapers can perform offensive Shouts that can buff their allies of debuff nearby targets. Their skillset revolves around melee combat and their previous Death Shroud mechanic is replaced by Reaper's Shroud to furthermore increase their head-to-head prowess.


Gives Necromancers access to Torches and Punishment skills. Instead of using Death Shroud Scourge rises Sand Shades that can both attack foes and shield allies. He can also use corruption skills to Cripple and Torment his foes or Might and Barriers to buff allies. Scourge revolves around casting spells and strays away from melee combat.



  • Uses stealth to outmaneuver his opponents

  • Easy to pick up but hard to master

  • Can burst with massive damage in an instant


Experts at stealth and surprise. They can control the course of the battle from shadows and strike when the moment suits them. Thieves unlike other classes do not have cooldowns on their abilities. Instead, they have a mechanic called the Initiative which is basically the energy that can be spent on skills either all at once or slowly for constant pressure. Since their Stealth mechanic can only be used for a few seconds Thieves have to be smart about the way they play. Good Thief will always have the edge over their opponents during the fight.


Daredevil is a more defensive version of a Thief that has access to Staves and Physical skillset. Their Endurance pool is increased and the Dodging mechanic is improved with new mechanics and bonuses. They use evasion to avoid incoming attacks and to unleash powerful counters.


Deadeye can use Rifles and Cantrips to gain an advantage on the battlefield. This Elite Specialization focuses on the Malice mechanic which they can use to increase their damage during Stealth for the bigger ambush potential.



Elementalists are the closest relatives to the Mage class that can be found in other online games. They have the power of elemental magic at their disposal which allows them to specialize in one of many roles or multiple roles at once. Through the use of Fire, Earth, Water, and Air attunements they can change their skillset and alter the way that they can be played.  Elementalists are useful in every situation and are the best choice for players who don't know which role suits them the best.


Tempest Elite Specialization gives Elementalists additional skills for each attunement that they use. This mechanic is called Overload and can be used only after 5 seconds of being in the attunement that they have chosen. Tempests can use their attunements more efficiently and because of that, this specialization is designed for players who liked elemental magic mechanics and want to get more from it.


Weavers instead of using one Element at the time can use two at once. When they switch attunements their new one is placed on their main hand and old one on offhand and therefore they always wield two at the same time unless they choose to attune for the same element twice. When it comes to skills Weaver can use abilities on slots 1 and 2 based on his main hand element and spells from 4 and 5 are based on his offhand element. The third skill is a combination of both elements. Weavers are a perfect choice for players who like to combine elements and create new possibilities.


A keen eye, Steady hand, and Nature at their disposal. Ranger is a classic Archer type class that relies on bows and other ranged weapon skills to deal damage from afar. Through the use of specializations, they can also become melee fighters. Rangers never walk alone as their trusty companions fight always at their side.

  • Massive Area of Effect skills
  • Ranged "glass cannon" that deals massive damage from afar
  • Healing and sustaining through specializations
  • Can summon pets to aid him in battle
  • Great for buffing allies and playing in a team
  • Usually has position advantage during the battle and can cripple incoming targets with traps


Druids are supports who can use Staves, Glyphs and the Celestial Avatar. When they are under the effect of Celestial Avatar they are granted access to the new skillset however to activate this effect Druids have to accumulate astral force.


This subclass has access to Daggers and stances that are themed with the wild creature aspects. Soulbeasts can become one with their pets by merging into a new more powerful creature with stronger skills and higher attributes.



  • Creates illusions to trick opponents
  • Jumps around the battlefield dodging attacks
  • Could be played as a support

​Mesmers are unique to the Guild Wars franchise and you are unlikely to see a similar class to this in any other online multiplayer game. The mechanic of their profession allows them to create clones and illusions. Those can be used to deal the damage, confuse your opponent or as a target of your teleportation. Deception is a weapon in Mesmer hands which he will use to move around the battlefield and gain the upper-hand in combat. Since this class can be difficult to master only players advanced in Guild Wars mechanics will be able to use it effectively.



Chronomancers gain access to various shields, wells, and the new shatter mechanic with Continuum Split. They can manipulate time to reduce skill cooldowns and aid their allies in the battle. Chronomancers can be played both offensively and defensively.


Mirages are the masters of deception that specialize in cloning and illusions. They can ambush their enemies and create illusion traps that explode upon contact. Their weapon of choice is the Axe which they can use to strike enemies out of nowhere.



  • Flashy and effective abilities
  • Can conjure spectral weapons and summon shadowy abilities
  • Overwhelming for new players but effective in the hands of skilled users

Revenants base the use of their skills on the energy resource which is drained while they use abilities and regenerated over time. This profession has a different skill set for each Legend currently equipped. Legends are stances that swap the weapon, skillset and general purpose of this class upon activation. They can be used to jump between various playstyles and adapt to the situation. Because of that Revenants are useful in every environment. This profession uses heavy armor to deal damage and their weapon of choice is determined by the current stance that they use.


Herald can use Shields and the Legendary Dragon Stance. They are mainly supports that can buff their allies with various boons through the Facet of Nature however they can be also played offensively since they do not lack prowess in terms of the damage dealing.


Renegades are using Short Bows as their main weapons and their stance is called Legendary Regenage stance. This subclass uses conjured arrows that are shot through the Mist portals to blindside their enemies. They can also summon Kalla Scorchrazor warbands to aid them in battles.


ArenaNet has made sure that the continent of Tyria is a place of diversity that is populated by versatile creatures of original classes. Elite Specializations introduced in Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire expansions added new class-related content that furthermore increased strength of professions. Thanks to that, you may choose classes and secondary professions that fit your personal game style. You can focus on utility, toughness or other powers that you want to pursuit and you will certainly find the class with the right tool kit that suits your needs. Whether you want to play PVP, PVE or WVW content you are free to try to learn new classes with different build types that will open up new possibilities for your account.


We believe that by reading the article above you have become acquainted with professions available in Guild Wars 2. We are hoping that this was enough to help you choose the class that you want to play and now you can just jump straight into the game. If you are looking for similar guides that will help you understand various topics in online multiplayer games then you are in the right place. We have prepared more articles for our community so make sure to check them out as well.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best profession in Guild Wars 2?

There is no such thing as the best profession. All GW2 classes are more or less balanced.

What is the best solo class in Guild Wars 2?

Necromancers can be very efficient even without a team.

Are there healers in Guild Wars 2?

Not exactly, but some classes can support others with various spells.

What types of armor are there in Guild Wars 2?

Light, Medium and Heavy (Strong) armor.

How many races there are in Guild Wars 2?

The game system offers only five playable races.


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